The Top 5 Retro Nintendo Gaming Consoles to Purchase of All Time

What else should a gamer nerd do, but fall down the rabbit hole of collecting all your favorite old consoles? We found you the top five retro Nintendo consoles to purchase in 2023 from top rated sellers, offering up to a 90-day-warranty. Yup. We did that.

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How we ranked these consoles

These consoles are ranked from oldest to newest, based on top-selling Nintendo consoles of all time


The Top 5 Retro Nintendo Gaming Consoles to Purchase of All Time

Jumping over an axe to kill bowser, exploring the mushroom Kingdom in 3D for the first time, and being frightened playing as Luigi in a mansion filled with boos  - those were the days, man

Let's take a look at the top five retro gaming Nintendo consoles that will transport us back to the days of wired controllers and arguing with siblings over who's turn it was. Some things truly don't ever change. 

#1 The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and the Original Nintendo (NES)

a super nintendo entertainment console sitting on rows of nintendo games

The first Nintendo console with superior graphics and sound, the SNES has been a top seller at 49.10 million units sold according to Game Informer. Considering its immense library of games, including classics like Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Chrono Trigger, the SNES remains a timeless gem. 

Buy the SNES from these highly-rated sellers:

Amazon $184

DK Oldies $229 (comes with two controllers)

Lukie Games $214

Retro vGames $199


Looking for a more affordable option? Try the classic NES, it comes with even more pre-installed games than the SNES. Collectors find this system totally worth it and hard to resist. It’s the very first of its kind and has that lovely old school controller design we all love.

an original nintendo entertainment system with controller

Purchase a classic NES:

Amazon $179 (prime shipping) 

Lukie Games $102

Retro vGames $149 (choose two controllers for an extra $20)

DK Oldies $159 (comes with two controllers)


#2 The Nintendo 64 (N64)

a nintendo 64 console with controller sitting on a pile of nintendo 64 games

The Nintendo 64 - a console that defined so many childhoods, including mine. Classic triple jumps in Mario 64, competitive Diddy Kong Racing, and intense battle in Killer Instinct, the N64 was a treasure chest of unforgettable experiences. 

Buy a Nintendo 64 online:

Amazon $139

DK Oldies $154 (comes with two controllers)

Retro vGames $120 (choose extra controllers and games for an additional charge)

Lukie Games $79


#3 The Game Boy

a hand holding a gameboy color

A pioneer in handheld gaming, the Game Boy was the first ever handheld console that could fit in a pocket! It brought forth classics such as Tetris, Pokémon Red and Blue, and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. For gamers that love handheld gaming devices, buying the original Game Boy Advance SP or the Game Boy Color model is a no brainer. We know there's lots of different models choose from, compare the different Game Boy models

Gamers tend to favor the Game Boy Advance SP and the Game Boy Color, therefore there are lots more options to choose from, resulting in greater chances of finding a good quality product!

Purchase a Game Boy:

Game Boy Advance SP Amazon $174

Game Boy Advance SP Retro vGames $169 (comes with Mario Kart)

Game Boy Color Amazon $120

Game Boy Color Lukie Games $106


#4 The Nintendo GameCube

a nintendo gamecube with controller

Mario fans forget about Luigi all too often, but not the GameCube. With the first ever game that gave Luigi his time to shine, the GameCube also introduced Super Smash Bros and Animal Crossing to the Nintendo world. So, true Nintendo lovers, don’t forget about Luigi, go buy a GameCube and discover the spooky delights of Luigi’s Haunted Mansion, which was just the start of a brand-new fun and frightening video game series.

Buy a GameCube:

Amazon $184

DK Oldies $169

Lukie Games $116


#5 The Wii

a red nintendo wii with controller remote

Not as nostalgic as some of the others on this list, nevertheless it is a staple in any true gamer’s Nintendo collection. The first ever Nintendo system with high-resolution graphics and yet another super innovative Nintendo gaming series, Just Dance! Also, the Wii introduced so many other ground-breaking unforgettable features such as creating Mii’s, wireless controllers, and the ability to have different controller modes. Remember being ultra-competitive in Wii Sports or the immersive 3D space adventures in Super Mario Galaxy, where gamers met Rosalina for the first time? 

The Wii was and still is arguably one of the greatest Nintendo consoles of all time. Not to mention all the fun colors the Wii system came out with. Plus, the Wii can also play GameCube games, and its the most affordable option on this list, making it a 2-in-1 console that you simply can't go wrong purchasing.

Amazon $105

DK Oldies $99

Retro vGames $99 (choose from a variety of bundles on website)

Lukie Games $89


We hope this guide helped you satisfy your nostalgia! If you find this article helpful, feel free to share with all your gamer friends and family. If you're looking for an affordable used phone, checkout our products.


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